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What's New & What's Next In Food & Drink Science, Technology & Formulation Strategies? Only 1 Week To Go Until 19 Food & Drink Brands, Retailers & Manufacturers Reveal Insider Secrets In 1 Inspiring Day!

It takes a little luck and a lot of know how to successfully align the science and practicalities of formulating, testing and delivering innovative food and drink products with the latest consumer and market trends. Everybody’s talking about natural, plant-based, sugar alternatives, nutrition, CBD and more… but how can Technical and R&D directors keep pace to deliver commercially-viable products which meet the given criteria  – or face losing out to the competition? The Innovative Food & Drink Science, Tech  &  Formulation Conference: A One-Day Conference, 21st January 2020, One America Square, Central London.

In 1 Day, Explore Practical Approches From 19 Brands Applying New Formulation, Ingredients & Technologies

Innovative Food & Drink Science, Tech & Formulation For Products Which Satisfy Market Trends, Claims, Regulations & Consumers: Consumer Trends & Insights ✓ Naturally-Derived Products ✓ Sugar Reduction ✓ Tech & New Methodologies ✓ Nutrition & Functional Ingredients ✓ Vegan, Plant-Based & Flexitarian ✓ Health Claims & Regulations ✓ Packaging & Sustainability ✓ Ingredients: Trends, Alternatives & Innovations

Discover The Latest Technical, Methodological & Smart Formulation Developments To Deliver Nutrition Whilst Integrating Functional Ingredients, Exploring Alternatives & Replacements To Create Products & Menus That Meet Claims, Labelling & Regulations & End-Consumer Demands:

  1. Innovate With New Technologies, Methodologies & Processing: Accelerate your product development and processing with innovative methodologies and tech which achieve smart formulation at pace
  2. Novel Ingredients, Textures, Flavours & Alternatives To Revolutionise Product Ranges: Expand your ingredients portfolio with
    exciting sources, replacements and alternatives for on-trend products
  3. Align Science & Formulation With Consumer Trends & Insights: Gain insight into consumer choices for commercially-successful food
    and drink products 
  4. The Science Behind Delivering Higher-Nutrition & Functional Products: Explore new areas of formulation to deliver nutrition whilst integrating functional ingredients for products which match the claims
  5. Continue To Tackle The Sugar Reduction Challenge: With reformulation targets rising, are your products on track, retaining quality and adhering to legislation?
  6. Monetise The Growing “Natural” Trends: Overcome legislative and technical barriers to create appealing, naturally-derived products
  7. Vegan, Plant-Based, Flexitarian & Protein Alternatives: Lead the trend towards animal-free products and discover new methodologies, ingredient alternatives and product development for high-quality, plant-based products
  8. Do Your Products Live Up To The Claims? Ensure your ingredients, formulation and processing are up-to-date with the latest regulations 
  9. Sustainable Products & Packaging: Discover alternatives which work for your category, explore the impact of reduced packaging on product integrity and continue the journey to reduce environmental impact

Who Should Attend? This events has been specifically designed for food and drink manufacturers, retailers and food service with job titles including Heads and Directors of: Technical ✓ R&D ✓ Formulation ✓ Science ✓ Nutrition ✓ NPD ✓ Development ✓ Food Safety

Why This Food & Drink Science, Tech & Formulation Conference? New Innovation For 2020! Why 21st January Should Be The Date In Your Diary:

  • 19 Senior R&D, Innovation & Nutrition Directors Speaking From Industry-Leading Food & Drink Brands & Retailers
  • 1 Innovative, Affordable Day
  • Advanced, Interactive Agenda
  • 3 Interactive Panel Discussions & Q&A: Consumer Trends & Insights, New Tech & Processing And Ingredients – Trends, Alternatives & Innovations
  • Sister Event Of The Industry-Respected Food & Drink Conference Series Including The Food & Drink Safety Conference, The Food & Drink Trends & Innovations Conference And The NPD Food & Drink Conference
  • 6 Break-Out Peer Discussions: A) Protein Alternatives B) Salt Reduction C) Starch D) Fat E) Allergens F) Colourings
  • CBD Case Study
  • Interactive Voting & Q&A

20 Senior-Level Speaker From Industry-Leading Food & Drink Brands & Retailers Tackle Your Toughest Challenge In 1 Day: Speakers Consumer Trends & Insights • Natural Products • Sugar Reduction • New Tech & Processing • Nutrition & Functional Ingredients • CBD • Health • Vegan, Plant-Based & Flexitarian • Ingredients • Claims & Regulations • Packaging & Sustainability

6 Years Of Market-Leading Food & Drink Conferences! Hear What Previous Attendees Think:

'Exciting, engaging and well organised.' GB Foods

'Great forum to share food challenges.' Danone

‘Very relevant, interesting and motivating.’ Tesco


Innovative Food & Drink Science, Tech & Formulation For Products Which Satisfy Market Trends, Claims, Regulations & Consumers: Consumer Trends & Insights ✓ Naturally-Derived Products ✓ Sugar Reduction ✓ Tech & New Methodologies ✓ Nutrition & Functional Ingredients ✓ Vegan, Plant-Based & Flexitarian ✓ Health Claims & Regulations ✓ Packaging & Sustainability ✓ Ingredients: Trends, Alternatives & Innovations

Please See Below For The Innovative Food & Drink Science, Tech & Formulation Conference Programme Outline. For The Full Agenda, Please Click Here >> 

08.30 Registration, Coffee & Informal Networking

09.00 GIC Welcome, Interactive Voting Introduction & Morning Chair’s Opening Remarks

Nadia Attar-Bashi, Senior Director, Product Innovation & Raw Materials, Mars Wrigley Confectionary EMEA


09.15 Delve Deep Into The Minds & Tastes Of The Consumer To Formulate In Response To Market Trends, Prepare For Future Shifts & Determine How To Make Your Products Match Demands

  • Gain insight into consumer choices; what do they want? How much do they understand? What really influences their preferences?
  • Identify and overcome current formulation challenges to align science with consumer trends, demands and needs
  • Balance effort with output: what changes to your product will the consumer actually notice and appreciate? Does a little really go a long way?
  • Can trends be forecasted to ensure you are preparing for how formulation will need to change in the future?

Jake Schneider, Head of Product Innovation, Bio-tiful Dairy 

Anisa Jamal, Head of Product Development, SimplyCook


09.45 Monetise The Growing Natural Trend: Overcoming Formulation Barriers For Products Which Satisfy ‘Natural’ Criteria & Don’t Compromise On Product Function, Shelf- Life, Taste Or Appearance

  • Leveraging new ingredients, methodologies and technical approaches to create appealing natural products which deliver on taste, appearance, texture, flavour and shelf-life
  • Natural vs. synthetic: who will win in the battle and does it make sense for you to get on the natural hype?
  • Where is the industry on the journey towards natural preservatives and flavourings? Will natural products ever live up to shelf-life expectations?
  • What is the legislative definition of ‘natural’? What can we claim and will legislation help or harm the growing trend?
  • How do we combine other trends with a shift towards natural - can anyone do both?

Speaker To Be Confirmed. Please Check The Website For Details.


10.05 It’s Not Going Anywhere! How Is The Food & Drink Industry Tackling The Ongoing Challenge Of Low-Sugar, Sugar Alternatives & Sugar-Free Products?

  • The sugar tax has been and gone but with reformulation targets still rising, how can you ensure that your products are on track?
  • How does reducing sugar affect the formulation of food and drink? What can be used to combat any potential loss of quality to your products?
  • Gain clarity into levels and measures needed to adhere to low sugar legislative labelling requirements
  • Are there good types of sugar? What is the latest research on the impact on sugar and replacers on health? 

Clare Megeney BSc Rnutr Senior Nutritionist, Chartwells, Compass Group

10.25 Morning Refreshment Break With Informal Networking

10.55 Bonus Session; Reserved For Exclusive Conference Partner. For more information on how to get involved, please call +44 (0)20 3479 2299 or email


11.25 CBD - A Product Development Journey

  • What needs to be considered when working with today’s hottest ingredient?
  • How do you overcome issues with dosage, solubility, regulations and testing to successfully incorporate CBD into your product portfolio?
  • Who are the suppliers of CBD and how can you work with them from the UK?

Duncan O’Brien, Founder, Dalston’s Soda Co.


12.15 Nutritional Optimisation Of Beverage Menus In Foodservice

Caoimhe McQuaid, Foodservice Nutrition & Clean Label Manager,  Kerry Taste & Nutrition


12.35 The Science Behind How To Work With Functional Ingredients & Added-Value Formulation To Deliver Nutritional Products & Fulfil Product Claims

  • Can you formulate your product to have higher nutritional value? Explore new areas of formulation to incorporate functional ingredients
  • How do nutritional claims differ across regions? What trends might be coming your way?
  • One size doesn’t necessarily fit all: what are the latest developments in personalised nutrition and how will your portfolio need to adapt?
  • Settle the debate across the nutrition landscape and gain insight into the ingredients that will guarantee your products meet those nutritional claims

Speaker To Be Confirmed. Please Check The Website For Details.

12.55 Lunch For Delegates, Speakers & Partners

13.55 Afternoon Chair’s Opening Remarks

Joey O’Hare, Senior Development Chef, allplants


14.05 Peer-To-Peer BreakOur Discussions

Elaine Bourke, Head of Innovation, Kepak Group

Nicola Diogenous, Head of Innovation & NPD, Jacksons






14.35 Explore Alternatives With New & Innovative Ingredients, Textures & Flavours That Will Transform Trends Into The Hottest Products

  • Low-sugar, low-fat, plant-based: understand the interactions between replacements and which alternatives will ensure your product can deliver the right claims?
  • Taking ingredients out without losing anything! What are the latest developments in maintaining the colour, taste, texture and shelf-life of products whilst reducing fat, salt and calories?
  • Innovate and expand your ingredients portfolio with new and exciting sources which tie into wider trends and appeal to consumers
  • Are the alternatives actually any better? Compare and contrast the old and new to determine which ingredients are best for your category

Steffen Münch, Director R&D Co-Product Development, Anheuser-Busch InBev

Deirdre Smyth, Director of Innovation, Kerry Taste & Nutrition

Jessica Ayling, Launch Manager, EAT.

Bertel Haugen, Head of Innovation, Rude Health

Anna Talach, Global Product Manager – Milk, Arla Foods

Audrey Echertier Bonnard, Head of R&D France, Biscuit International 


15.05 Healthier Options For Customers

Emma Adams, Head of Technical, Greggs

15.25 Bonus Session; Reserved For Exclusive Conference Partner. For more information on how to get involved, please call +44 (0)20 3479 2299 or email

15.45 Afternoon Refreshment Break With Informal Networking


16.15 In The Trend Towards Plant-Based, Vegan & Protein Replacements, Which Are The New, Innovative Ingredient Alternatives & How Can You Leverage Them In Product Formulation For High-Nutrition, High-Quality Products?

  • Which new methodologies will deliver whole-package products which tick all the boxes for vegan and plant-based products?
  • Can vegan products be accurately defined? What are the check points your products and supply chain need to adhere to claims and prove itself as an animal-free product?
  • Which protein alternatives are on the horizon and what practical steps will you need to take to develop successful product formulation?

Amir Ali, Culinary Innovation & Strategy Manager,  Mitchells & Butlers


16.35 Exploring The Flexitarian Movement & The Need For Change Across Industry

  • Driving behaviour change towards a more sustainable diet
  • How can your product portfolio meet the revolution towards the flexitarian ‘sweet-spot’?
  • From a sustainability perspective, which protein alternatives are on the horizon?

Annelie Selander, Group Sustainability Director, Nomad Foods


16.55 Live Up To The Claim! Ensure Your Ingredients, Formulation & Processing Conform To The Claims On-Pack

  • Vegan? Plant-Based? Natural? Why is the law the way it is? Understand the reasoning behind the legislation
  • Determine the right ways to measure and ensure your products hit the functional claims
  • Bridge the gap between science and marketing to accurately report your product credentials
  • How do food and drink claims and regulations vary in different countries and international supply chains?
  • How are consumers reacting to health, nutritional and ingredient claims? Do they actually care?

Speaker To be Confirmed. Please Check The Website For Details.


17.10 Tackle The Enormous Packaging & Sustainability Challenge & Discuss The Options Within Your Category That Will Still Deliver Outstanding Products

  • No plastic? Zero-plastic? No single-use plastic? How bad actually is the use of plastic packaging and are the alternatives going to reduce the environmental impact?
  • Relieve some of the pressure and demonstrate to consumers that your product is doing its part to strive for a sustainable future
  • What is the impact of more sustainable packaging on the shelf-life of products? Is it realistic to expect both?

Ferdinand Richmond, Customer Experience Director, allplants

17.30 Chair’s Closing Remarks & Official Close Of Conference

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